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Baltimore City Rentals is a free service of Skyline Management.  Skyline owns and manages several hundred Baltimore rental houses and commercial properties in Baltimore Maryland. 
Skyline is the premiere owner/manager of apartments, town homes, houses and row homes in Baltimore. 
Skyline offers luxury and affordable apartments and houses for rent near Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine JHMI, Bayview and the Biotech.  Great Rental housing for students, off campus housing, Hopkins employee housing throughout Baltimore City.
Looking for a house for rent, apartment for rent, or furnished apartment in Baltimore Maryland near the Hopkins or the Biotech specializes in:

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visit: for daily rental listings. 

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Looking for a
rental house? Search our website free. No email or registration is required to view homes for rent. is a free service of Skyline Management - 901 N. Milton Ave, Baltimore Maryland.  Skyline manages and rents row homes, single family houses, houses, homes, apartments, rooms for rent in Baltimore City Maryland. is a free service of Skyline Properties, the largest private landlord of row homes and single family homes in East and West Baltimore.  We are professional management company and have several hundred properties for rent in Baltimore. 

Rent a house or homes faster on, the Internet's leading website specializing in single-family homes for rent.  Looking for houses for rent in a specific area? Do you have vacant homes for rent or a house for rent? You have come to the right website. is all about houses for rent and single family homes for rent. is your online source for free information about available houses for rent and other types of rental homes in cities locally and nationwide. We specialize in houses for rent and single family home rentals such as condos for rent, townhouses and townhomes for rent, duplexes, and small apartments that are currently available for rent.  Renters search free and can see detailed rental home property descriptions and view photos of the homes for rent in Baltimore City. There is a home rental mapping feature on each house rental listing and a link to view school district information for parents, detailed information about the houses for rent including photos.
Bookmark this site! is an online listing service for current rental houses and for rent in Baltimore City. We have made it easy to find or post ads for House Rentals, condos, townhouses and townhomes, duplexes, or small apartment rentals in your city! Find Home Rentals and options instantly by searching for available by area.

Homeownership may be the American Dream, but it is not always the best financial choice. Now consumers considering buying a house have a new tool to help them understand the true costs of homeownership. Don't Buy the Myths: Renting Can Be a Smart Investment examines the most common financial misunderstandings about owning a house and offers a series of "reality checks" for would-be buyers. is a free service of Skyline Management - 901N. Milton Ave, Baltimore Maryland.  Skyline manages and rents row homes, single family houses, houses, homes, apartments, rooms for rent in Baltimore City Maryland

Researchers estimate that nearly 20 percent of house buyers would have saved money by renting, while another report by Harvard University concluded that in many places, at many times, and for many holding periods during the past 15 years, renting made better financial sense than owning.

Don't Buy the Myths: Renting Can Be a Smart Investment offers real and perhaps surprising answers to several of the top homeownership myths, including:

  • Myth: I'll reduce my tax bill if I buy a house.
    Reality: A majority of homeowners reap no annual tax benefits from owning a house.
  • Myth: Paying rent is throwing away money.
    Reality: For the first five years of ownership, you are simply giving away your money to a bank. Nearly one-third of all buyers move within five years before they start building any real equity.
  • Myth: My mortgage payment will be less than my rent.
    Reality: Your mortgage payment is just the beginning. The "hidden costs" of ownership can add up to thousands of dollars a year.
  • Myth: As an owner, my housing costs will stay constant. I won't have to worry about rent increases.
    Reality: Your mortgage may remain constant, but other costs, such as maintenance, insurance and property taxes can go up significantly every year. And if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, your mortgage payment itself can increase.
  • Myth: Investing in a house is a safe investment.
    Reality: Even in today’s healthy housing market, stocks and bonds often still offer a better return.

In order to find the right home, you first must decide where to look, what type of housing, how much you can spend and how long you want to rent.

Baltimore City has a huge range of options from pricey waterfront condos to rehabbed townhomes in trendy enclaves to humble rowhomes in sketchy neighborhoods. Baltimore County is nearly as diverse but has more apartment and townhouse complexes and freestanding homes than the city.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: One month

Here's How:

  1. Search by county, price or housing type in the Baltimore Sun Classifieds or has great houses for rent. 
  2. Long-term, short-term, roommates, houses, apartments…you can find just about anything on this free online bulletin board. You can even make a post and have potential landlords contact you. Craigslist Baltimore
  3. Despite the name, this site has a lot more than apartments. Find apartments, townhouses and houses to let here. You can even sort by those that allow pets.
  4. The electronic version of the familiar, free printed publication Apartment Guide, this site concentrates on suburban apartment complexes.  Browse this site’s potential roommates and sublets without registering first.
  5. This area real estate company also shows a large selection of rentals.  Long & Foster


  1. When checking out a potential home, keep some of these questions in mind:
    • What is the rent? Is it per month? Per week?
    • Are pets allowed? If so, is there an additional fee or deposit?
    • Is there a security deposit required? If so, how much? Under what conditions might it not be returned to you? When will it be returned?
    • Under what conditions, if any, can the rent be raised during the period of the lease?
    • Who else has access to the home? And under what conditions might someone enter?
    • Do you pay extra (and how much) for such things as utilities, storage space, air-conditioning, parking, use of recreation areas (such as pool or tennis courts), installation of special appliances, late payment of rent, etc.?
    • If you pay for utilities, be sure you are on a separate meter so that you are only paying for your own utility use.
    • Check to be sure all appliances are in good working order.
    • Who do you contact with maintenance and repair issues? What about after hours problems?
      • Are you required to care for the yard?
      • Can you have a roommate of sublet the place?
      • How is garbage disposal handled?
      • Does the home have laundry facilities. If not, are they onsite and how many machines are there? How much do they cost?
      • Are there smoke detectors or a sprinkler system? Is there a fire alarm or other warning system?
      • Who controls the heat and air-conditioning thermostats?
      • Is there cable TV or satellite outlets? Can you install a satellite dish?
      • Can you paint? If so are there color restrictions? Will you have to repaint at move-out?
      • Is there a security system? Who pays the monthly fee?
    • Oral leases are legal in Maryland, but don’t count on them. Get it in writing every time. Also landlord may only withhold actual damages from a security deposit. So if you break a lease but the landlord re-rents it, you can only be charged rent for the time it was unoccupied.
    • Baltimore County tenants may pay rent into an escrow account when certain defects at the property are not remedied by the landlord.

What You Need:

  • Social Security Number or Tax ID Number
  • Government-issued identification card
  • Possibly an application fee (no more than $25)
  • Security deposit (no more than two months rent)

Baltimore, a great place to move to:

With a population of 680,000 (2.5 million in the greater metro area), Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. The city is also a major industrial, research and educational center, housing many institutions of higher learning, including Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland at Baltimore and several others. Baltimore also includes one of the nation's largest ports, although its current economy focuses more on research and development.

Quality of Life
For such a small city (Baltimore is only 81 square miles), there is a lot to do here. Shop, eat and take in the sites of the Inner Harbor, where you'll find the spectacular National Aquarium and the very cool Maryland Science Center. Soak up the natural beauty of Druid Hill Park, site of the city zoo and conservatory. If you're a history buff, you'll appreciate visits to Edgar Allan Poe's home and grave, the birthplace of Babe Ruth and the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the country's first Roman Catholic cathedral. Into sports? Catch the Orioles baseball team at Camden Yards and the Ravens football team at Ravens Stadium. Baltimore has a fairly moderate climate. July is the warmest month with highs reaching into the 80s and 90s, and January is the coldest part of the year, with average lows in the 20s. There's plenty of rain throughout the year and an average snowfall of 20 inches.

Where the Jobs Are
Baltimore has always been a port city, and that remains true today. The harbor, in conjunction with the city's rail, road and air connections, has made it a major hub for industry, manufacturing and trade. A lot of the city's new jobs are in research and development, particularly in the industries of aquaculture, pharmaceuticals and other medical services. Dozens of research laboratories, along with two highly acclaimed medical institutions (Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Hospital), employ numerous people in science and healthcare professions.

Cost of Living & Apartment Prices
Baltimore's overall cost of living is 3% above the national average, but luckily for residents, average incomes are higher than average too. In fact, the median household income is $47,000 per year. There is a wide variety of apartments for rent available in the city, with a median rent of $650 per month. Depending on the neighborhood, small apartment rentals start in the $500-600 range, and you can easily spend $2,000 or more in monthly rent for a luxurious townhouse or swanky apartments with a view.

Neighborhoods to Explore
Baltimore has been called a "City of Neighborhoods," and in fact there are more than 200 distinct neighborhoods in which to explore apartments for rent. In recent decades, the city's population has dropped due to residents moving to the suburbs. In response, the city has instituted several redevelopment projects to revitalize areas such as the Inner Harbor, which has experienced a successful renaissance and is now a popular area of shops and restaurants. When looking for apartments rentals, consider some of these up-and-coming areas and you may find some bargains. If luxury apartments are your aim, try the historic Federal Hill and Bolton Hill neighborhoods.

BioTech and Johns Hopkins
Between Johns Hopkins Hosptial and Medicine and the new multi-billion dollar Biotech Center, East Baltimore is being transitioned into a primary hub of intellectual captial and newest and hottest place to work and live in Baltimore City.  A City within a City, Hopkins and the Biotech will provide over 15,000 new jobs in addition to the services being created to support the local growth.  Additionally, Hopkins is spending billions on new infrastructure and space to accomodate patient growth and employee growth as well.





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